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The Blind Build-Off with Zedaph and Tango

Tango and Zedaph, a unique duo, one not exactly known for their building skills. This unique duo, already tired of normal Hermitcraft day to day life, decided to have a Build-Off. Not just a normal build battle, but a Hermitcraft Build-Off.

Build-Off Rules:

Tango and Zedaph went around the server asking different hermits for block palates. They asked EthosLab, MumboJumbo, Grian, and BDouble0100 for 20 unique blocks for them to build with. Unfortunately, these blocks varied, from logs to quartz to dirt, to Grian, sorry, Cod heads. The impartial judge, a dropper, picked what they had to build. The dropper picked a spaceship, which was submitted by Cubfan135. There would be a sand wall placed between their builds so that neither of them could see each other builds during the 10-minute process.

The Builds:

After Tango and Zedaph finished building their spaceship, they dropped the wall and took turns touring each others builds.

Tango went with a more traditional spaceship style, while Zedaph went for a more cartoony feel, with a sleek capsule.

The Winner:

Tango and Zedaph both said in their episodes that they would decide the winner based on the average of the two polls. We have taken the information from these polls and done the math for them.

If we add together the percentages, (the way youtubes voting algorithm, works, we cannot have exact numbers,) Zedaph has 50% of the overall vote, (100/200) and Tango has 49% (98/200). These were incredibly close counts, and we cannot be sure if this is accurate, since more people probably voted on Tangos episode. If we take an exact count, however, Zedaph was the winner. Who do you think won? Tell us in the comments section below.

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