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The Beeteam Plans a Concrete Storm

The Beeteam are at it again, this time planning to take the shopping district by storm. With the recent invention of Xisuma’s concrete blaster, it has never been easier to make. With hermits all across the server in desperate need of the building block, Beesuma has sensed a need in the market and plans to fill it, bringing in Beeralis as a fellow business partner, even if he’s not allowed to touch the machine yet.

By splitting the cost to buy land equally between the two, the 16 diamond block plot of land is now there’s to industrialize. Using scaffolding to layout the framework, the beginnings of a multi-story shop begin to emerge. With grand plans on the horizon, the Beeteam are shaping up to be a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully, they don’t break the TNT machine when they finally move to stock it.

Xisuma’s Video


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