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Concrete Blasting with Xisuma

Only 4 weeks in and we already have half the server building with concrete. One of those people is Xisuma, whose beehive centered build has been using lots of white concrete. Xisuma was tired of spending hours in front of his old concrete maker, pictured below.

Xisuma’s old concrete chamber

Now, Xisuma has built a massive concrete blaster, similar to what Iskall85 built during the end of Season 6, but much earlier in the season. Xisuma plans to use his concrete blaster to produce large amounts of white concrete, and he has already generated almost a full double chest. Unfortunately for the Minecraft community, until Mojang adds automatic sand and gravel generators, Xisuma will be handicapped by the time it takes to mine all of the sand and gravel that is needed.

In future, Xisuma plans to add a cobblestone generator and a tree farm, but for now, this project is finished.

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