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Hermit Challenges Initiation! (A 4th Member Joins…)

After purchasing slime at Iskall85’s slime shop, MumboJumbo visited him to exchange gifts: Mumbo gave Iskall the ability to add members to Hermit Challenges, and Iskall gave Mumbo near infinite gold from his gold farm. That seems like a fair trade right?

Iskall Initiates A Member

Iskall had just come off a bad meeting with Stressmonster101, so he called her back to “do him a favor.” He led her to the Hermit Challenges area, and she was forced to eat a cookie. Next, he made her ring the bell, but forgot the last step of lighting a wood plank on fire. He called Mumbo in, who immediately had Stress light the fire, and shamed Iskall for forgetting.

Stress at Hermit Challenges

Hermit Challenges!!

Mumbo, Iskall, and Stress each wrote down challenges and pressed the button to get theirs. Iskall had to “Do Good Deeds,” while Stress and Mumbo had some challenge issues. Stress had to place 10,000 blocks, and Mumbo had to make a swedish themed episode. To resolve this, Mumbo created a new Hermit Challenges ritual

The Hermit Challenges Swap-Broth

Mumbo placed down two cauldrons with water in them, and he and Stress both jumped into one. They through their challenges at one another, and the Hermit Swap-Broth was born. Mumbo now had to place 10,000 blocks, and Stress had to make a swedish-themed episode.

The Swap-Broth in Action

An Overview

After all of that, Mumbo, Stress, and Iskall all had challenges to do. Mumbo had to place 10,000 blocks, which he probably would have done anyway building his new base. Iskall had to “Do Good Deeds,” which is by far the easiest due to the lack of specifics, and Stress had to make a fetish themed episode. Iskall will have to do his challenge by Episode 14. MumboJumbo will have to do his by Episode 11, and Stress by Episode 12. Best of luck to them! Comment your favorite Hermit Challenge so far!

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  1. luculentflame luculentflame April 10, 2020

    Stress has to do a SWEDISH themed episode…not fetish

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