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GoodTimesWithScar’s Mayor Campaign

GoodTimesWithScar’s Mayor Campaign has started with a sign, not a sign that he might win, but actual signs. Instead of creating maps, he placed signs around the server with quotes such as, “Do you want a tree? How about a cat? Vote for Scar!’ and “Vote For GoodTimes!” He has expressed his interest in creating a map, but he does not know how to make one… Maybe he needs a campaign manager just like Stress did?

GoodTimesWithScar’s Mayor Campaign Manager BdoubleO100

Scar met with BdoubleO100 in the shopping district to discuss his signs, which Bdubs found interesting, he said that they really caught his eye. He thought that they were really bad, and showed Scar some of the other posters made by Hermits. Bdubs said that he wants Scar to win, and offered his help making a map. Instead of a blue background, Bdubs wants to make one that really pops.

BdoubleO100 also expressed his concern that Scar’s image might affect his mayor campaign. Scar agreed and told Bdubs that he was now inspired. Scar took the opportunity to interject that he would like Bdubs to be his campaign manager, which Bdubs was excited about. He also showed Scar some ways to connect with his fellow-green team members, and named him the best campaign sergeant ever.


Bdubs and Scar split up, with Bdubs working on a map that will be revealed at a later date, and Scar trying to build a headquarters for his campaign. He is building it off of a sunken ship, which he has built an island around it, which you can see below.

Scar's Island for his Mayor Campaign. GoodTimesWithScar's Mayor Campaign
The GoodTimesForAll Campaign Island

He has built a massive Hot Air Ballon on top of the island, holding a Vote for Scar and his head.

GoodTimesWithScar's Mayor Campaign Hot Air Balloon HQ, tethered to the ground.
GoodTimesWithScar’s Mayor Campaign Hot Air Balloon

The balloon is holding up a giant head of Scar, that you can see from every angle. Scar tethered the balloon to his island, with perfect gravity that he has been working on recently. He almost gave up on the ballon, but now he thinks that it needs more colors. If you want to suggest it to him, you can use this link here.

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