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The Button Green Team: Best Team?

With the rise of the button, The Button Green Team has been gaining members at an insane rate. The reasons for this are very clear, the Green team has amazing facilities. With a massive tree as a clubhouse, a waiting room to press the button, a practice button, and a member board. In this article, we are going to go over the best amenities that the green team offer. And maybe, just maybe, this will influence a hermit’s opinion to join the #GreenTeamBestTeam.

1. The Waiting Room for The Button Green Team

Cubfan135 has set up a brilliant waiting room to wait for the button to hit green. In the below picture, you can see the outside of the waiting room, with a sign stating that it is exclusive to the green team. This has tables and chairs as well as a few other amenities that are mentioned below.

The Button Green Team Waiting Room
From Iskall85’s Episode – The Outside of the Green Team Waiting Room.

2. The Practice Button for The Button Green Team

In this image, you can see their practice button. It constantly changes between different colors, prompting the hermits to press a button when it is green. This is a fun minigame for them to play while they wait for the REAL button to become green. While this is technically in the waiting room, we are counting it as a separate amenity.

The Button Green Team Practice Button

With every part of this being in their waiting room, it ensures that the green team is the best-practiced team on the Hermitcraft server.

3. The Tree

The tree is an amazing build created by GoodTimesWithScar. It does not have much on the inside, but it is a symbol of the Green Team’s power. The tree can be enjoyed by all of the hermit’s on the green team, as well as a rouge pigman. It is used as a meeting space or hiding place from anti-green button pressers.

The Button Green Team Tree
The Tree from Iskall85’s Episode

4. The Board

The Board does not really serve a purpose, except for listing all of the Hermit’s that are on the Green team. This is another symbol of power, as well as a fear factor to show the numbers of the Green Team. Right now it only has Scar’s head on it, but that will hopefully change as more hermit’s notice it.

The Button Green Team Board


The Green Team is a great team to join if you like special things, but I would still choose a higher belt rank over a special headquarters. If you don’t know what the button is, it is based off the old Reddit game that you can read about here.

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