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Hermitcraft’s Stat Gambling Ring (Stat Poker Hits Minigame Leaderboard)

Tango and Etho created an amazing game together on the Hermitcraft server. It is called Stat Poker, even though Tango admits a better name might be Top Trumps. Since its creation, three seperate games of stat poker have been played, some with many rounds. In this article, we will go over how it is played, who has played it, and the results of those matches.

Stat Poker Rules

Just in case you have not watched an episode of stat poker, we will include the rules here.

Each person has chips, or in some cases, it is played with diamonds. The players, (up to 4,) stand around a table. They press a button, which will dispense a stat onto the “table,” (a green shulker box.) Then, the players each place their ante, (normally 2 or 3 chips,) in the shulker and the round begins.

Each player has four moves they can make. They can raise, by adding more chips to the pot. They can check, by saying that they do not want to put chips in, hoping that everyone else checks to split the pot. Another option is calling, they have put their chips in, and now want everyone to say their stat. Finally, they can fold, leaving the round and leaving their chips in the pot. They are out of the round. Once the other players run out of chips, they are out. The last person standing wins.

Games of Stat Poker

Three games of stat poker have been played in Hermitcraft so far. The first game was Tango vs Etho, as they created the game. Tango ended up winning, getting 50 stacks of gravel from Etho. Etho got 16 stacks of gunpowder from the game, but Tango later gave him an extra two shulker boxes for being a good friend. If you haven’t watched the game yet, be sure to watch it below.

Tango’s POV of the Stat Poker

The next game was Tango vs. Zedaph. This game was not in an episode, but we have put a link that starts Tango’s stream at the time where they start playing stat poker. (Timestamp: 43:33.) They both win a round, so they both take each others prize pools. Tango wins Zedaph’s amazing prize:

Tango's Stat Poker Prize
Zedaph’s Prize Pool

Tango was not happy with his prize pool, which included a saddle to ride Zedaph with. He was even more upset because of the prize pool he gave Zedaph. The pool included an Elytra and bells labeled, “More Cowbell!!!”

Zedaph's Stat Poker Prize
Tango’s Prize Pool

Unfortunate prizes aside, here is the link to watch Tango and Zedaph’s stat poker from the timestamp 43:33.

Starting Timestamp: 43:33

The Diamond Game

The third and final game of stat poker that has been played so far, is the game with all the diamonds. Tango, Keralis, Bdubs, and xBCrafted played a round of stat poker with diamonds. xBCrafted was the first to get out, followed by Bdubs and Tango running out of diamonds in the same round. Keralis, already the richest hermit on the server, walked away with two stacks of diamonds and 11 to spare. He left the salloon saying, “wanna buy a book?” To which Bdubs cleverly responded, “well, I can’t afford one now!” If you want to watch Keralis winning, you can watch his video here. (Once again from the exact timestamp.)


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