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A new bee on the server

The derpiest face on the server, Keralis, went on an end adventure with beeshwamee (more commonly known as Beesumavoid) in his latest episode. To better fit in with his old friend, Keralis also dressed his character in a black and yellow striped skin, with his signature facial features plastered over a bee face and met up with X on the nether roof. Though he prepared his best chainmail armor and wooden sword, X urged him to equip himself with better equipment and they headed into the End dimension, an unknown and terrifying new horizon for Keralis.

The two of them explored some end-cities while X was tutoring his acompanying insect friend. Although Beesuma was supposed to be the teacher and Beeralis the student, he was the one struggling more in the End, missing his enderpearl onto an end-city ship and even dying at the end. After Kerbee succesfully rescued X’s bits, they shared their bounty and said goodbye.

The headhunter bee

According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly.

Keralis also took part as a combatant in ZombieCleo’s Head Games and after a quick refeshing on the point values (which mostly changed because of him :D), he promptly murdered the creator of the game in an elytra dogfight and deposited her still bloody head on the new and shiny totem poles. As of the end of his episode, he’s secured the second place behind Cubfan, who’s apparently aHEAD in the game because of some spider mobheads.

Testificate trades

Keralis also went by to Vintagebeef’s hacienda to trade two villagers to him. Seeing as he’s the richest hermit on the server already, instead of diamonds, he asked for Beef’s head, so that he could gain more points in the head games. Unfortunately Beef had 99 levels, so Keralis had to accept an IOU instead for the time being.

I’ve got 99 problems, but a face ain’t one.


Builder Bee

The Keralis Building Company in all it’s glory

Seeing as Kerbee is one of the Hermitcraft servers great builders, he also worked on his buildsite base. Since his villagers have been given a “forever home”, they no longer need a fence around the complex, so Beeralis tore it down and instead opted for a retaining wall around the base to retain… uh… the stationary… uh… well, uhh… dirt? It doesn’t matter, it looks good! 😀 He also built a fabulous giant crane next to the future site of his iron farm, which TangoTek has promised to help him with in the future, since K is a self proclaimed redstone n00b.

After claiming his never-ending stream of diamonds from Lookie Lookie At My Bookie and exploring the Cowmercial District for a bit, he ended off his shenanigans. But you can check it out in full following THIS LINK 😀

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