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Head Games: Phase 2

ZombieCleo started the PVP game Head Games to bring her heads. She needs these heads for her future armor-stand business. She doesn’t just need a few heads, she needs a variety of heads. Unfortunately for some Hermits, some heads will be banned, while others will obtain a higher bounty.

Head Games Banned

There is a new banned head that cannot be used to get points in Head Games. Any spider head is banned. (This can be traced back to Cubfan135, who has used his spider farm to obtain a majority of his points.)

“I could build a spider head throne!”

-ZombieCleo in her episode reacting to her numerous spider heads.

The New Head Games Bounty Board

A screenshot from ZombieCleos episode

As you can see on the far right, Cleo has built a new bounty board. There will still be a double-point Hermit every day, but there are now more heads that receive extra points. For example, if you manage to obtain Bdouble0100’s head WITHOUT PVP, you can claim 50 or 75 points, as Cleo has no heads from him yet.

Who Will This Affect?

These changes will affect only certain people on the scoreboard. While the bounty board will help more PVP-centered players such as Falsesymmetry, it will specifically hurt Cubfan135, who has been getting lots of his points from spider heads. It should be fine for Keralis, also a passive player, as he has gotten lots of heads by bargaining with other players, and that is something you can claim bounties for now.

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