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Head Games Is Over! – Head Games Winner

After a long conquest, the Head Games is finally over, and we will be announcing the winner at the end of this article! But first, an overview of the Head Games. If you don’t already know what the head games are, you should probably read this article. We have also done status updates of different Hermit’s head games in other articles, you can read some of the best ones here. With that out of the way, let’s get into all of the amazing things that happened during the Head Games.

Teaming Up To Be The Head Games Winner

The Head Games was meant to be a single-player event, but teams eventually formed to spread out the work. The first of these teams were False and Impulse, who did not even end up placing in the top 3. In the end, all 3 places were filled with teams, Team Bee, (Keralis and Xisuma,) Team SlimePharaoh, (Jevin and Cub,) and Team Scar and Grian, who never came up with their own name.

In The Arena

After starting the head games and moving to phase 2, Cleo was ready for Phase 3. She set up an arena, with 4 different bosses, Stress, Bdubs, Tango, and Rendog. Each of them had special abilities, poison, a pillager, lava, swords, but all of them were defeated in the end. This boosted the scores of some teams, but not enough to dethrone the winner, who also won one of the rounds…

Tango using lava, his Head Games special ability.

The entire ordeal was beautifully filmed with the Replay Mod by ZombieCleo, which you can watch below.

Who Won?

And now, to reveal the winner of the Head Games: Team Cod Face and Wizard Chap! Also known as, Scard and Grain, Scoore and Groon, and many other nicknames. However, they are most commonly known as Scar and Grian, members of the Hermitcraft server. They now walk away from the Head Games with 32 diamond blocks, 16 each, as the winners.

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