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What’s up with Etho?

First off, I’d like to direct you to the last article about Ergo, and I’ll be writing of the events and mishaps that have happened since then, which includes episode 8 and 9 of his shennanigans on the hermitcraft server.

Bingler? I hardly use her!

Oooohhh, presents!

Our friendly neighbourhood slab found an interesting surprise in the monstrosity when he joined the server. Apparently Vintagebeef found a much better search engine than the Googler built a few episodes back. After dealing with the Dark web and blue screens, he finally reached the ultimate solution for his storage, THE BING-ler. Or is it? No, it’s just a prank that blows up in his face 😀 But to make him feel better, he also recieved Impulse’s free samples of emeralds and a totem of undying, so that can keep him alive… He’ll need it in these pvp filled, hostile times, that’s for sure.

“In Etho mobfarm, mobs hunt you” -Ethoslab 2020

Arachnid panic

But this episode isn’t about hunting down others for their heads or a nametag. Ergo took some time off from the community aspect of the server and focused on his needs again, since he had no reliable source of enchantments, nor xp to enchant with. So he turned his attention to a nearby abandoned mineshaft where he found not one, not two, but thr… No, only two cavespider spawners close to eachother which he attempted to turn into an xp farm. Although he created a working design in singleplayer, the farm didn’t work quite the same on the server and almost caused his death when the hunted spiders became the hunters.

Greatest thumbnail of all time 😀


With his new-found experience orbs, Ergo also had to spend them somewhere, so he opted for building a new enchanting room instead of his first setup on the muddy jungle floor. The new room has plenty of useful quality of life features such as piston powered moving walls indicating how stocked with unenchanted items the rooms storage barrels are. It also has a lapis dispensing system, which can also drop a book if desired, a controllable enchanting level selector and of course, the most important thing, a gooey, dripping honey block ceiling.

You can see all of these happening in the 8th episode by clicking HERE!

Throwback to this. MIND = BLOWN

Mindblowing business

Having discovered, that he’s several thousand points behind on the Head Games leaderboard, Etho decided to instead help out the other participants by giving them his head. This caused an impromptu auction for the privilige of cutting mr slab’s head off between Cubfan and Scar, with an explosive twist. The currency wasn’t blue shiny rocks, Ergo wanted TNT for his noggin instead. In the end cub won by offering 12 stacks of the ‘splodie blocks. Etho also revealed that he’s planning on using his new stash of tnt in his to-be-built tree farm at the Ice Castle of Solitude.

Is that granite? WAT?

Bits and bobs

After this exchange, Ergo did something totally out of character for him. He finished some of his projects! :O Yes, I was shocked too! But all jokes aside, he returned to his ice shop, finishing the interrior, finally stocking the shop with packed and blue ice, installing a new “canadian custom”, a fancy new redstone powered double door and a happy customer occasionally jumping out of the frozen lake in front of the shop.

He also stopped by the stats poker saloon and added an optional high-low lamp to the game, so the hermits who haven’t flown thousands of kilometers with an elytra or killed inocent dolphins have a chance to win too. He also displayed some amazing handmade craft beers on the shelves of the bar, I won’t spoil their hilarious names here, you can check them out in the video (link at the bottom).

Afterwards he returned to the jungle and started the walls of the Monstrosity, striving for a bit more order in the chaos. He decided to decorate these walls with pixelart portraits of various minecraft mobs: a chicken, an ocelot and a pesky bird… ahem, I mean parrot 😀

Sweet “revenge”

The cake is a lie?

Do you remember the GOATfather’s feud? I sure do and so does Etho, his hitman, but after a failed attempt at Keralis’s life, he chose a different approach for dealing with Bdoubleo. The canadian in him prompted Ergo to kill Bdubs with kindness, offering him cake, a nice message and touring his home, throughout which he showered him with compliments for his building skill. That will show him! He’s good as dead… Right? To be honest, the hitman business is very expensive, and he didn’t recieve any compensation for his services, so this is the best he could do with the limited budget 😀

This man is seriously obsessed with llamas. It’s kinda weird 😀

Speaking of llamas

He bought a llama at Beef’s Llama Rama Sphits shop… That’s all. Nothing else. Why are you still reading? Allright… He named it Sitty! But how did he make Sandy Sitty walk around the llamas like that? Are you happy now? I’ve said it 😀

If you haven’t seen the newest episode and want to (because why wouldn’t you?) then I’d suggest getting your snacks and clicking HERE!


  1. Tuscan Tuscan April 11, 2020

    His most recent episode was great! Etho seems to be having a really great time on the server and sounds so happy, and that makes us happy! Maybe it’s all that Lunar Luminance hes drinking 😀

  2. leinades1 leinades1 April 11, 2020

    Yeah, he seems to be really enjoying himself and it shows immensely. I hope he doesn’t run out of those night vision potions then 😀

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