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The anvil assasin strikes again

After a very existential intro, Etho came to the conclusion that his combat skills need some refreshing. Since he’s a participant in both of the server’s current PvP events – ZombieCleo’s Head Games and Grain’s Tag 2: Electric Boogaloo (please use the full name :D)- plus he was recruited by the Goatfather (aka. Docm77) to avenge the decapitation of his glorious Mount Goatmore, he had to practice the new combat mechanics of the game and get some better gear, so he wouldn’t become a victim again like in his last episode.

Insert training montage

*Furiously tries to hum the Rocky theme

Ergo used to be quite good at PvP fights as old fans of his may remember, but he’s gotten a bit rusty since, so he opted to training Rocky style with XBCrafted in his arena (don’t worry, this arena probably won’t end the server). They agreed to a gentlemanly fight, with the first man to reach five kills winning the accumulated hermit-heads to deposit in the Head Games. After a bit of warming up and three deaths suffered from XB’s blade and arrows, Ergo suddenly got all of the 5 kills necessary for his victory gaining him 40 points on the HG leaderboards and more heads for strategic later deposits.

Get GOATed!

Revenge is a dish best served on an anvil 😀

After regaining his skills, Etho updated and upgraded his arsenal of deadly playthings, gathering fireworks for his crosbow-gatling gun, poisonous pufferfish buckets and his favourite way of un-aliving, the mighty anvils. To the relief of all of the pandas left alive at Etho’s base, he was finally prepared to do the deed. He headed over to Keralis’ buildsite and started the fulfillment of the GOAT’s revenge. After a few anvils droppped on an unsuspecting K, a few puffers and the surprisingly effective firework barrage the actual serious fight began between the two of them. But to the surprise of Ergo, Keralis’s armour seemed impenetrable and after a long and excrutiating fight mostly under the water he ran out of food to replenish his health and he had to “retrewat”.


The Googler

Having had enough of the violence going on on the server, Ergo retreated to his jungle and decided to return to a more familiar and productive pastime. He finally got to use his redstone knowledge again, building his newest storage design, a rework of his shulker box powered system in his singleplayer let’s play world. Aptly named the Googler (I barely know er ;D), this new storage contains a searching feature, which scans all of the shulker boxes contained in the actual storage partition and delivers the wanted items into a central chest for easy pickupability.

But that’s all for this episode. In case you haven’t seen it yet, grab some snacks and HERE’S the link to the full Etho video. You can also check out Keralis’ POV of the fight HERE.

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