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Hellish hermit adventures w/ Etho, Keralis & Wels

The new minecraft nether update has arrived and the hermits started exploring the new HOT destination of the server immediately. To make their adventures a bit more interesting and give the clueless players certain goals to achieve (and a bit of a guidance of what can and cannot be done in the new versionb ;D), the hermits split into groups and each of them recieved a bingo card to get 5 objectives in a row. These ranged from gathering certain items, to exploring the behaviour of the new inhabitants and the new terrain of the underworld.

Your mom is very fat :P
We are all very mature here! Yepp! This is totally not funny! Not at all… lol

But how is one of the most devious pranksters of the server, Ergo, going to get to said realm? Of course through the massive gaping hole left behind by your mom falling through Shade-E-E’s scales and the crust of the world… How else? Nether portals are so last decade. It’s either yo momma jokes or no nethery goodnes for us from now on 😀

The bastion
Three guys, chilling in the bastion, 5 feet apart from “Big Pumba”

Either way, with ergo finally arriving in the flaming depths and meeting up with mumbo-supporter frenchman Keralis and the rapping Knight of the Wels kind they headed off into the 5 distinct biomes of the new nether. They explored the new warped forest, the crimson keep forest, the basalt deltas and the soulsand valley (plus the basic old nether wastes, but we’ve seen enough of that already). The trio also bartered with piglins on the way who were out for Etho’s blood, since he had no bling-bling (or gold armour if you want to be more precise :P). The guys also happened upon a not so abandoned nether Bastion, which was also added in the recent update. They also ran from the boogaloo (or booga-booga in Keralis-speech), which is totally real and steals your gold 😉

Piglin bartering halls for everyone :D
These exchange rates are stunning 😀

Speaking of llamas: after returning from his adventure, etho had another brief run-in with Derpy McDerpface a.k.a Keralis, who paid for his future noteblock song installation. Etho also created a redstone machine to farm the shrooms and roots native in the burning basement and an auto-bartering hall to turn his gold purchased at cubfan’s Gold Rush store into other useful fiery items. And of course it wouldn’t be an etho episode withouth some “BREECH! BREECH! BREECH!” thrown into the mix, so he also blew up a bit of the nether floor looking for ancient debris and using the gathered rare materials to upgrade his toolset. But that’s all for now. If you haven’t done so already, you can check out the new nether shenanigans of these three (and many others) on the official hermitcraft website. 😀

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