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The Hermiton Herald – Cub’s Newspaper

Hermit News Network just started, and there is already a competing Hermitcraft newspaper. Cubfan135 started a service for the server, a newspaper built on maps. He will be working together with ZombieCleo to update it with images, stories, and of course, advertisements. He has called it The Hermiton Herald, and we shall soon see if it becomes a formidable opponent to Hermit News Network.

The Hermiton Herald Map

Cub has already started the massive project of making the map, covering 1600 blocks with snow and the Hermiton Herald logo.

From Cubfan135’s episode

We are unsure how often he will be updating it, but it seems that he plans for every Hermit to have a copy. The Hermit’s will place the map in their base, and it will globally update every time Cub or Cleo writes a new story. We also do not know the pricing of this paper, or the pricing of the advertisements.

A Competitor?

Hermit News Network does not consider Cub’s new paper as a competitor to us. We are focused on writing stories for the whole community to enjoy, and we are accessible everywhere. The Hermiton Herald, however, is only accessible by getting a copy on the server. As you can see below, we jokingly asked Cub how much an advertisement would cost on his paper.

A tweet jokingly asking Cub about ad prices

We will be reposting every Hermiton Herald update, which you can find at this link here.

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