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MumboJumbo: The Cowmercial District Mayor Candidate!

In Grian’s latest episode, he has started an election in the Cowmercial District, to decide what to do with the massive diamond pile. He has started the election for the Cowmercial District Mayor.

The Cowmercial District Diamond Pile
The Shopping District Diamond Pile

Cowmercial District Mayoral Duties

The diamonds have been moved, examined, counted, and used as a beacon among other things. Now, Grian says that they can be used for building roads and other community-building projects at the discretion of the mayor. Grian has plans to make a large town hall building in the shopping district. He has enlisted the help of GoodTimesWithScar as well as BDouble0100 to help with the building. There was a message left for Bdubs to help get the message across. Scar’s base also had signs placed in Larry the Snail.

The Nomination

Grian has nominated MumboJumbo to be the Cowmercial District Mayor. To start the campaign, he has created a massive poster to advertise. Grian wrote: “Mumbo For Mayor” on the poster, as well as taking his “moustache,” (the back of Mumbo’s hair,) to put on the poster. The one hitch: Mumbo has no idea yet. Grian has nominated him, yet Mumbo never officially agreed to be the mayor.

The MumboJumbo for Mayor poster.
Mumbo For Mayor!

The Town Hall

After asking Bdubs and Scar about building a town hall, he plans on taking action, with or without them. Fortunately for his time constraints, and the quality of the server, he is quite sure Scar and Bdubs will be up to the task. Scar already agreed, and the building is starting soon; unfortunately, Grian’s episode had to come to a close. As the situation progresses we will continue updating you on it.


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