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Dyes, Concrete, and Flowers – Making Xisuma’s Concrete Shop

After planning to take over the concrete market with Keralis, Xisuma has already started work on stocking up the concrete shop. Despite not having built it yet, the concrete shop already has 27 stacks of every color of concrete powder. Xisuma’s concrete shop is ready for business, without a storefront. Maybe they are planning a delivery service?

Xisuma’s Concrete Shop Needs Dyes

To build his concrete empire, Xisuma is going to need a lot of dye. He starts at his bone farm, collecting bones with his sword to use as bone meal. Next, he heads out to a flower biome. He takes the coordinates and moves into a creative test world.

Xisuma's Flower Biome

Above, you can see him hovering over a massive area of flowers. This is the flower biome from the Hermitcraft server all flattened out with flowers on it. He proceeds to pick a special area, where every flower type resides, to create a flower farm.

The Flower Farm

Flower Farm From Above
the flower farm

He builds this flower farm way up in the sky, and fills it with bone meal. A slime block flying machine pulls the flowers into a set of hoppers, which are barely fast enough to pick them all up and store them so they can be turned into dyes.

Are They Ready?

Is Xisuma’s concrete shop ready to open? Xisuma has made 27 stacks of each color of concrete powder and has placed it in the concrete blaster. Next episode, we will be able to see all of the concrete in full form. (Yes, every single one of those shulker boxes is full of concrete powder!)

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