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Concrete Competition – Tango and Impulse vs Xisuma and Beeralis

After Xisuma and Keralis planned a concrete storm and prepared their concrete materials and facilities, they need to build a shopfront. Unfortunately for them, Impulse and Tango created their own concrete factory, and have already built a shopfront. Yes, the concrete competition has begun.

The Machine

Tango and Impulse built a custom TNT blast chamber, specially designed for concrete. It has perfect timing, and is “almost break-proof.” They are not using a TNT duplicator, all of the TNT is made by hand. This machine is cheat-proof. However, this shouldn’t be much of a problem, as Tango has the largest gunpowder farm on the server.

Concrete Competition – The Shop

Next, they had to build the shop. They did special redstone to make the shop look really cool, with moving floors and an amazing exterior. However, this amazing build came at a price. The shop’s land cost 38 diamond blocks, adding a sizeable amount of diamonds to the pile.

The Shop Exterior

They also rather cheekily placed it right next to Xisuma’s planned concrete shop, and they hope that their prices will beat his. Their pricing is 3 diamonds per stack of concrete, and 2 diamonds per stack of concrete powder. We still do not know how much Xisuma and Keralis’s will cost, but we are sure it will be competitive. Oh, one last thing the name. The Unnamed Concrete Shop. Yep, the masterpiece of a shop has no name.

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