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The Head Games: A Brief Overview

Created by ZombieCleo, the Head Games is one of the most prominent games on the Hermitcraft server recently. This article will give a brief overview of the rules and the leader board of the game as of 22nd March, 2020.

Cleo’s throne and the diamond bounty.

The head games is a pvp-based game where hermits bring Cleo player or mob heads in exchange for points. At the end of the game, the hermit with the highest score will get 32 diamond blocks as a reward. However, there are some special rules that make the game more interesting.

To join, hermits must take their own sign from the right side of the wall to the left, labeling themselves as a combatant. During the game, combatants are allowed to kill other combatants for their heads. Using an anvil, hermits will rename any player heads or mob heads they give with their own name so that Cleo can know who turned it in.

Players can also choose to play as a pacifist, only gaining scores through trading with the wandering trader or getting mob heads.

The scoring system encourages player interaction and discourages farming through a few special rules.

The 1st head of each player: 10 points (Once only)
2nd head: 6 points (refreshed daily)
3rd head: 3 points (refreshed daily)
Subsequent heads: 1 point each

Dragon heads: 10 point each
Creeper, Zombie, Skeleton heads: 10 point each
Mob heads: 1 point each
Passive mob heads: 0.5 point each

After the first day of the game, Cleo also added some new scoring methods to enhance the game, since some hermits seems to have a great advantage through getting mob heads.

PVP tier 1: 25 points (once only)
PVP tier 2: 15 points (daily)

The hermit pillar

Each hermit has a pillar, where their heads can be turned in.
The redstone block at the top is PVP tier 1, followed by PVP tier 2 on the lapis block.

The gold block is the 1st head, and below that we have the quartz pillars holding the 2nd and 3rd heads.

Eager hermits with excess heads can also throw them into the barrel at the very bottom.

Leaderboards (as of day 1)

1st: Cub 417
2nd: False 215
3rd: Keralis 207
4th: Grian 69
5th: Etho & Joe 10

Cleo created this game to buy heads for her armor stand endeavors, in the process also creating a fun pvp-based game out of it. Wonder how many points Mt. Goatmore’s head is worth?


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