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Xisuma Interviews MumboJumbo for Mayor

In Mumbo’s latest episode, Xisuma interviews MumboJumbo about his campaign for Hermitcraft mayor. We have provided a text based version of the interview below, but if you would like to watch the video version we have put the clip below. (Starts at 8:55)

Clip Starts At 8:55

The Interview

X: Mr. MumboJumbo the candidate himself
M: Hello, how’s it going
X: Hi I’m a reporter now
M: I’ve noticed that you have uh, your suit is looking serious business. Very very fancy.
X: I’m doing some serious journalism for the Hermiton Herald, so I thank you for coming over here.
M: No problem.
X: Yeah, I’d like to ask you some questions so that we can clarify your position in the Hermiton Herald, this can be your opportunity to get your opinion out to all of the constituents of the Hermitcraft server. What do you plan to do if you become mayor?
M: Ummm… Honestly, I haven’t thought that far ahead. I only found out I was becoming mayor a couple days ago.
X: What do you plan on being mayor of?
M: I guess i plan on being mayor of all of Hermitcraft, and all of I guess I could be mayor of the Hermitcraft server and all related servers, and yeah, I don’t know is that right? Am I mayor of that much or only one house. The mayor of everything.
X: And what made you want to run for mayor in the first place.
M: I guess it would just be the posters that were put up about me being mayor? I mean honestly, I didn’t even know that we were planning on having a mayor but I guess if there are posters everywhere I might as well run for mayor.
X: What do you eat your cereal with?
M: A spoon!
X: Ahh, wise choice, stops your hands from getting messy, I should really try that.
M: If I was mayor, everyone would be eating their cereal with spoons. That is one thing that I can promise.
X: So your campaign can promise spoons for everyone?
M: Yeah, I mean obviously they have to pay for them…
X: I like the sound of this.
X: And is there anything you’d like to say to our audience?
M: I may not have realized that I was running for mayor, and I may not have any plan as to what I am going to do when I am mayor, and I don’t even know what I am being mayor of, but I think that I am the right person for the job and you should definitely vote for me.

There you have it, the full transcription of the interview. What do you think would you vote for mayor? Let us know in the comments below. Xisuma Interviews MumboJumbo for the Hermitcraft Mayor. That is never something I thought I would write.


  1. Electos Electos May 9, 2020

    Why did you correct the grammar of the quotations? Also, MumboJumbo and XisumaVoid use British English (realise, not realize).

    • tankerman3000 tankerman3000 Post author | May 13, 2020

      Thanks! I will look back at that.

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