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Hermiton Herald Volume GG

Here we have an image and text version of The Hermiton Herald Volume GG. As we said previously, we are going to be updating you with copies of The Hermiton Herald, the Hermitcraft IN-GAME Newspaper every time there is a new volume. Cub and Cleo have updated the map to the second volume, and here is an image of it. If you want to read a text version, we will also put that below. Even though this article is a bit weird… we still decided it would be a good idea to post it!!

Hermiton Herad Volume GG
From Iskall85s Episode

Hermiton Herald Vol. GG


That concludes the Hermiton Herald Volume GG, it was a bit odd but we’re sure that Cub and Cleo will be back to their normal publication after this.

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