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Hermiton Herald Volume 4

Here we have an image and text version of The Hermiton Herald Volume 4. As we said previously, we are going to be updating you with copies of The Hermiton Herald, the Hermitcraft IN-GAME Newspaper every time there is a new volume. Cub and Cleo have updated the map to the second volume, and here is an image of it. If you want to read a text version, we will also put that below.

The Hermiton Herald Volume 4
From Xisuma Episode

Hermiton Herald Vol. 4

A Biscuit In Every Bowl! Proclaims Local Dog-Catcher Joe Hills, who is running unopposed, promises to throw voters a bone by putting a dog biscuit in every bowl. It is unknown in the of this print if he knows that Hermits, are not in fact, dogs. Hills (Pictures here not dog catching) is best known as an adventurer, having now kept adventuring since 2011.

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