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Competition For Hermitcraft Mayor

After MumboJumbo started running for mayor, other people also began their campaigns. Read on to find out who else is running! The Competition for Hermitcraft Mayor has begun!

False For Mayor

FalseSymmetry is also in competition for Hermitcraft Mayor. She has been mayor of Falsewell in Season 6, as well as the sheriff in season 4. False thinks that she is qualified for the job, so she created a map to advertise her campaign. The map has been placed by False all over the server, just like Grian did for Mumbo. We have placed a picture of False’s map below just in case you want to look at it.

False for Hermitcraft Mayor
From False’s Epsiode

GoodTimesWithScar For Mayor

Scar is considering running for mayor, but he does not like telling people what to do. He might run on the platform of bringing a cat to every Hermit and putting the diamonds towards shopping district beautification. He has not built a poster yet, and we will update you on his campaign when/if he continues it.

JoeHills for Dogcatcher

JoeHills is running for dogcatcher, which we are not sure is a real position, but he can do him. If he wants to run for the server Dog Catcher, he should be allowed to. You can see the sign he has created for his campaign below.

Joehills for Dogcatcher poster
From False’s Episode

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