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BdoubleO100 Campaign Manager/Campaign Sergeant

BdoubleO100 Campaign Manager, the best campaign manager, or Campaign Sergeant? If you didn’t know, Bdubs was made the campaign manager of the GoodTimesWithScar campaign. He started his latest episode by making GoodTimesWithScar in the lead at Cubfan’s polling location, and then moved on to create Scar a logo. He was actually made Campaign Sergeant, but it is simpler to call him the Campaign Manager.

BdoubleO100 Campaign Manager Makes GoodTimesWithScar’s Map

Scar started his campaign with signs, Brown Signs with Black Text, the worst combination ever. Bdouble0100 has managed to fix that, however, with a beautiful sign that is sure to bring many voters to Scar’s side. It took him 8 hours, as well as lots of diamonds to buy the required wool. However, the end result was definitely worth it.

BdoubleO100 Campaign Manager Makes GoodTimesWithScar a Vote Scar For A GoodTime Map

Some particularly good touches were the creeper on the A, and a Jellie cat face looking out over the GoodTime text.

A Surprise

BdoubleO100 Campaign Manager Loves The GoodTimesWithScar Mayoral Skin

Scar changed his skin with encouragement from Bdubs, to make it look more suited to being mayor. His previous skin, as a wizard with his underwear, showing, did not really scream “Elect Me!” His new skin looks amazing, and looks surprisingly similar to the mayor from Power Puff Girls…

Scar seems to have no idea what that is, but Grian seems pretty insistent that the skin is extremely similar. If you want to use the skin, you can get it here:

Campaign Managing

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